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White is red hot

514450Lighting Trends White is red hot.

White is the most versatile shade on the color wheel and is perfect for almost every setting. It is equally perfect for an urban loft, a cozy cottage, a kid-filled home or a Lake house. White looks great with almost every wall color and can bring out the colors in dark wood tones, brightening a space with its color. White glass chandelier and is easily paired with a modern room design. Beautiful wrought-iron floral in a high-sheen white finish gives a look that is both modern and retro. An all-white palette can define a vintage space or a sleek modern one.

New Website Launches

Thanks Oakdale for all your support!
We launched our new website for the start of summer. Check back often as new information and products are being added. Or just stop by the store and get Entire blog →

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