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LED Lighting: Upgrade Your Bathroom Lights

In 2015, consumers spent more than $300 billion on renovating homes, and it’s predicted that 2016 will set yet another record. One of the most common renovations is in bathrooms. This often includes upgrading to LED lighting fixtures. Not only are LED lights bright, they can save you money on electric bills. The following is a couple reasons why you should consider upgrading to LED lights in your bathroom:

The cost of LED lighting has gone down. As a result of growth in the LED lighting market has brought prices of both bulbs and fixtures down. This means your upfront cost to switch to LED has gone way down. You may decide to replace your vanity lights with LED bulbs or you decide to replace the entire fixture.

LED offers natural light quality. Modern LED lights mimic incandescent lighting so much so that you can barely tell them apart. Many LED lighting fixtures are also dimmable, which make them an excellent choice for bathroom lighting.

LED lights help save you money in the long run. The energy savings quickly add up when you replace hot, inefficient incandescent bulbs with cool LED lights.

If you are considering upgrading to LED lights in your bathroom, visit the LED lighting showroom at Northern Lights just outside of Modesto, California. You will be impressed by our selection and our friendly staff.


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