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Oakdale Chandeliers

Brighten your entry room, living room, or dining room with our selection of Oakdale chandeliers – there are so many to choose from. We carry quality brands and elegant looks in every size and style. Northern Lights has everything from contemporary to classic crystal Oakdale chandeliers. Read below for our tips on selecting the right Oakdale chandelier that will look perfect in your home.

Selecting a Oakdale Chandelier

Many people ask what size Oakdale Chandelier they should get. The answer to that question generally depends on where the Oakdale chandelier is going to be installed. Once this is determined, use the following guidelines:

If you are installing a Oakdale chandelier in a dining room, the Oakdale chandelier you select should be about 12 inches narrower than the surface of your dining room table. The positioning of the Oakdale chandelier should also allow for at least 4 feet of space from the room’s walls. This gives the appearance that it fills the space but does not overcrowd it.

When installing a Oakdale chandelier in an entryway or living room you want to allow 2-3 inches in Oakdale chandelier height for every foot of ceiling height. Thus, a 10-foot ceiling would require a 30-inch design. In order to determine the proper width needed, you will need to add the length and width of your room and convert the total to inches. Thus, a room that is 14-feet by 16 feet would require a Oakdale chandelier that is approximately 30 inches wide.

Our Oakdale Chandelier Showroom

Our Oakdale chandelier showroom is located in Oakdale, California, just outside of Modesto. We feature many of the top brand names in the Oakdale chandelier business for formal rooms, dining rooms, and more. We invite you to come and check out the large selection of Oakdale chandeliers that we have to offer. If you do not see a Oakdale chandelier that you desire or that fits your needs, we can assist you in finding and ordering the Oakdale chandelier you are looking for. Stop by today, our showroom is sure to impress you.

Oakdale Chandelier Lighting Gallery

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