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Recessed lighting gives a clean and modern look to just about any room. The lights and their housings install just above the ceiling. Some recessed lighting may even be set into walls. The ambient and accent illumination combined with the low profile provide for a modern decorative look. When you combine recessed lights with a dimmer, you can set the mood of the room from bright to intimate.

Recessed lighting consists of a set of light fixtures that are set into walls or ceilings. Most recessed lights are made up of three parts: the housing, the bulb, and the trim. Generally, there are two types of housings, those made for new construction and those for remodeling projects. The main difference between the two is whether the installer has access to the ceiling from above the site of installation. If the installer has access from above, a new construction housing will likely be used and where there is no access a remodel housing will be used.


Our Recessed Lighting Showroom


Our recessed lighting showroom is located in Oakdale, California, just outside of Modesto. We feature many of the top brand names in the recessed lighting business for interior and exterior locations. Having been a member of the American Lighting Association, ALA, for over 25 years and working in many of the local cities like Modesto, Ripon, Riverbank, Escalon, and in Oakdale, has allowed us to keep up with all the cutting edge new and innovating products that are continually being developed and released. This has also allowed us to developed a vast array of technical knowledge that our friendly staff is willing to share and assist you with in lighting advising and consulting.

We invite you to come and check out the large selection of recessed lighting that we have to offer. If you do not see something that you desire or that fits your needs, we can assist you in finding and ordering what you are looking for. Stop by today, our showroom is sure to impress you.


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