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Adding a ceiling fan to a living room, dining room, bedroom, or other areas of your home is an excellent way to add style and at the same time add utility. Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles, materials, designs, and colors. Many of our ceiling fans also incorporate lighting into their design.

Ceiling fans move air, they do not change its temperature. The direction in which the blades rotate and the pitch of the fan blades dictate whether the fan assists with heating or cooling a room. Most modern ceiling fans are mechanically reversible and have a switch on the casing that controls the direction of the motor.

During the summer, you will want to set the motor so that the air is forced downward. The blades of the fan should spin with the upturned side leading. The wind gusts created by a ceiling fan assist human skin evaporate perspiration, increasing the efficiency of the body’s natural cooling mechanism.

In the winter, you will want to set your fan to turn in the opposite direction. By turning on the ceiling fan to the lowest setting, it will draw the cool air up from the floor and push the warm air down. This helps keep the room’s temperature more even. You may even be able to turn your heating system down a few degrees and maintain the same level of comfort.  


Our Ceiling Fan Showroom


Our Ceiling Fan showroom is located in Oakdale, California, just outside of Modesto. We feature many of the top brand names in the ceiling fan business for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, sitting rooms, and family rooms. We invite you to come and check out the large selection of ceiling fans that we have to offer. If you do not see a ceiling fan that you desire or that fits your needs, we can assist you in finding and ordering the ceiling fan you are looking for. Stop by today, our showroom is sure to impress you.


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