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Adding well-placed pendant lighting can easily inject character and vibrant style into your home. Hanging lights and pendant lighting offers everything from mood lighting to bright lighting. Pendant lights are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors. This should be great news for you as it makes finding the perfect hanging or pendant light easy for you.

When selecting from the different styles and designs of pendants you may want to consider the décor and overall style of your home so you make a choice that does not look out of place. It is desirable to choose similar or complimentary colors. You can also go big and bold by selecting a pendant light that gives an interesting contrast to your room.

Large, single pendant lights can make a statement, but don’t overlook smaller options as these can be just as bold when grouped together. If you do decide to go with a set of hanging lights, remember the “Rule of Three”, which will help you maintain a rhythmic balance. Whatever you do, make sure your pendant lighting doesn’t create a visual barrier in the room.


Where are pendant lights usually hung?


Above a Dining Room Table: When adding a pendant above a dining room table, it should be positioned and suspended approximately 30 to 36 inches above the table. This placement provides ideal illumination while at the same reducing glare.


Above a Raised Counter or Bar: When adding a pendant light above a raised counter or bar, the bottom of the pendant light should be approximately 30 inches above the counter or bar’s surface.


Above a Foyer: Suspending a pendant light approximately seven feet above floor level will Illuminate the area while still providing plenty of headroom.


In a Bathroom: Suspending an eye-catching cluster of pendants or hanging lamp to your bathroom vanity near eye level and approximately 18 inches from the center of the bathroom sink will provide an unconventional lighting style and will, at the same time, eliminate shadows.


Our Pendant Lighting Showroom


Our pendant lighting showroom is located in Oakdale, California, just outside of Modesto. We feature many of the top brand names in the pendant lighting business for interior and exterior locations. We invite you to come and check out the large selection of pendant lighting that we have to offer. If you do not see something that you desire or that fits your needs, we can assist you in finding and ordering what you are looking for. Stop by today, our showroom is sure to impress you.


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